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God’s Kingdom in Your Business

Business is one of the assignments that God has given to people, and that is why he supports the business. Nevertheless, the business has become the way for perversion for many folks. If a person loves money and materials too much, then that person will easily forget God if that person engages in business. If a person becomes greedy, then they will love money more than God. All in all, you have to remember that God loves you and he wants you to stay close to him in your business. If you do so, he will bless you, the business you own, your employees and the customers. it can be a challenge to learn the things of God with your job. It is simple, though. God has people who are not only spreading the gospel in churches but in business and workplaces too. They want to remind you what God is saying upon you and your business. This will be a wonderful time to present God your concerns within your business.

In this great time, there are people who are serving God with great zeal. Some servants of God are giving their time, to find people where they are working and inform them of the good news. They are not after their church denomination’s promotion. They are just God-centered. You will not be asked to offer anything. All they care about is the kingdom of God in your business. They want to remind you and your employees the importance of staying close to God. There many people who are blessed already with them. Some workers for instance. Some are not faithful. Yes, they are competent with skills, but not with character. Many employees can do better when they are only supervised. They have never heard about God. Those hearts could be changed forever if they learn about God. Many of them will mend their ways. They will have peace and become God’s true children. That will be a glory to God and growth to your company.

You will not have many things to do, once you invite these people to your workplace. Just the time you will be available that is the time they will come. The other thing is that you can work with them alone, or consider inviting others. They are very disciplined and trained to listen to both people and God. It is just a matter of showing them your interest and they will come.

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