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Attaining Success through Integrating the God’s Kingdom

Everybody desires to gain success in life. For this reason, everybody works towards the goal of becoming successful. The that have faith in God believes not only success coming as a result of their hard work but from God. This is a revelation for few people, and it is found working for their lives. God is the owner of our lives, and he thinks good for our lives. God foresees the end of lives while in the beginning. It is therefore important to believe in his kingdom. His kingdom concerns gaining faith in him, keeping in prayers and obeying God. There are many benefits associated with kingdom integration with business in our day to day life.

One of the things required in the kingdom is gaining faith. Most people fails in business because they don’t have faith that they will succeed. It is important to gain faith in the success of any business you venture into . When you develop faith and believe God to enable you to attain the victory in your business, you will become energized to work hard in your business holding success at hand by faith. Motivation can get lost for the business owners who don’t incorporate faith in the success of their business.

The other aspect of the kingdom of God is prayers. Misunderstanding arises when we incorporate prayers in our business. It is advisable to have the understanding that actions must accompany prayers. You need to work hard in the business but to make prayers to God that He will grant you your desire for success. Success is made an assurance to the business owners who are prayerful.

Hope is the other requirement in the kingdom of God. When hope is integrated into the business, it is simple to overcome most business challenges. A hopeless person is a failure in business and cannot succeed. If a businessman is hopeless it is likely to run away from business challenges, but a hopeful one conquers the challenges by dealing with them. It is therefore important to develop hope that the future of your business will be great.

Becoming joyful and gaining happiness is another aspect of the kingdom of God. When this factors are integrated in business the customers are likely to gain satisfaction from the customer service. Satisfactory customer service leads the clients to become frequent customers thus causing growth of the business. Finally integrating the kingdom of God does not remove the element of working hard and being committed to your business. Joining the kingdom with business makes the business owners in having success in mind and therefore work hard towards attaining it.
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